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This site is a production of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. Please email if you have questions, contributions, or ideas about improving this site.

F & F



Our Fair Staff

Miguel Danielson - Editor in Chief, aka "md"

Miguel is currently an Intellectual Property associate with Testa, Hurwitz, and Thibeault in Boston. He is interested in all facets of Internet law, but particularly with civil liberties and IP protection on the Internet. When not practicing law or helping to build GrepLaw, Miguel enjoys practicing Tae Kwon Do, playing with his Macintosh, and listening to all kinds of music as long as it's Bruce Hornsby. Miguel holds a B.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Minnesota as well as a J.D. from Harvard.

Bonnie Emerick - Editor, aka "CopyGuru"

Bonnie Emerick is a program associate at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. There, she works on a wide range of Berkman projects, including researching, reporting and copy editing for The Filter, the center's cyberlaw e-newsletter. Emerick previously was a copy editor at Wellesley-based Asset Alternatives, where she helped to produce seven venture capital and private equity publications. Prior to that, she indulged her inquisitive side while working as a reporter at The Community Press, in Cincinnati, and at The Vindicator, in Youngstown, Ohio. While in college at Ohio University, where she graduated magna cum laude, Emerick was a columnist, art critic and entertainment staff writer at The Post. She counts among her hidden talents the ability to identify more than 500 species of trees and shrubs in the US. In her free time, she seeks out reclusive hiking and/or trail-running spots, or reads poetry and novels. Emerick ran her first marathon, the Cape Cod Marathon, in October 2001, and plans to do set a new PR there in 2002.

Jake Shapiro - Editor, aka "twotonshoe"

As project manager, for the Berkman Center's many projects, as well a contributor to GrepLaw. Jake has been producer and director of business development for Lydon McGrath Inc.; he was a producer for "The Connection with Christopher Lydon" - a nationally syndicated public radio talk show. He also has extensive experience in both research and web development at Harvard; among other endeavors, Jake developed web resources for the Davis Center for Russian Studies, the Harvard Project on Cold War Studies, and the Harvard Central Asia Forum. He also spent two years in Moscow, Russia as program coordinator of the Moscow Institute for Advanced Studies. Jake is co-founder of L-Shaped Records, guitarist for the local rock band Two Ton Shoe, and studio cellist on many independent and major label recordings.

Adam Tullman - Editor, aka "turmis"

Adam Tullman is the perfectly strang mix of liberal arts and computer geekdom. He studied American History and Spanish at Northwestern University while administrating the Novell network and helping various professors with their computer woes. He is in his first year of law school and trying as hard as he can to know everything about cyberlaw issues. He finds cyberlaw fascinating because it is all new and constantly changing. Adam was born and went to high school in California, learned to walk and talk in New Jersey, went to college in Chicago and has no idea "where he is from." He hopes to go in to some sort of intellectual property litigation and to have many more opportunities to talk about himself as though he wasn't in the room.

Donna Wentworth - Editor, aka "filter_editor"

Since the spring of 1999 Donna Wentworth has been writing and editing The Filter, the cyberlaw e-newsletter of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. She likens her job to that of a translator, making cyberlaw and its specialized languages--otherwise known as "geek speak" and "lawyerspeak"--understandable to a wider audience. She is increasingly interested in the impact of technology on social and cultural life, and is in the (very) early stages of writing a book on the subject; she hopes it will be half as incisive and well-written as Michael Lewis's Next: The Future Just Happened.

Justin Fredericks - Editor, aka "justfred"

Justin Fredericks is a Harvard Law School 1L, arriving directly from UCLA, where he was Phi Beta Kappa and graduated summa cum laude. Fredericks has engaged in a number of entrepreneurial activities throughout his educational career, championing a learning-by-doing approach. As an undergraduate, he founded and managed two community discount card companies, taught private tennis lessons and launched Just Fred, a clothing company that Teen Vogue featured in its "Vogue View" section on innovative clothing/people. A legal advocate at the Hale and Dorr Legal Services Center, Fredericks currently represents business and entertainment clients, while he founded the Lentrepreneur Association to explore the interrelation between law and creative enterprises. After studying cyberspace social dynamics as an undergraduate Sociology major, he began to question how current law will effect the growth of the World Wide Web, and vice versa, as well as how the Internet will produce new law. An avid traveler and tennis player, Fredericks is from Malibu, California and has also lived in New York and Paris.

Shel Rose- (Editor), aka "cyberose"

Shel is an admitted Kenny G addict. She has been known to travel thousands of miles to watch Kenny in concert. She hopes one day to be a roadie with Kenny's "dream team" touring crew.

Hal Roberts - Technical Expert

As senior technology analyst, Hal acts as the geek in residence at the Berkman Center. His duties include administering the center's servers; consulting on the technical aspects of projects like GrepLaw, BOLD, and ILAW; and providing tech support for the center's staff and faculty. In addition, Hal serves as project leader for the H2O project.

Before joining the Berkman Center, Hal worked for Thomson Financial Interactive, where he served as a principal engineer building research intranets for large Financial Service companies. Before TFI, Hal attended the Science and Technology Studies program at Virginia Tech, where he also served as a system administrator, and did development and systems work for a logistics consulting company.

Hal spends his free time hanging out with his wife, running, practicing yoga, cooking (and eating!) vegetarian food, and playing gratuitously violent computer games.

Alex Macgillivray - Editor, aka "macgill"

Alexander D. Macgillivray is an associate at Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich, and Rosati, specializing in Internet-related litigation and counseling as well as other technology litigation matters. He provides daily counseling to Internet pioneers and startups on cutting edge strategies and novel theories of liability. Alex received his law degree cum laude from Harvard Law School and his teaching certificate and Bachelor of Arts degree magna cum laude from Princeton University. Previously, alex has worked as a consultant in American Management Systems, Inc.'s telecommunications division and as the Chief Technical Officer of WebMediate, Inc.

Mikael Pawlo - Contributing Editor, aka "mpawlo"

Mikael Pawlo is an associate of the Swedish law firm Advokatfirman Lindahl. On nights and weekends he works as an editor for the leading Swedish open source and free software publication Gnuheter (Swedish), which he co-founded with Patrik Wallstrom. Pawlo has served for several years on the board of the Swedish Internet industri association, BitoS, and on the Swedish committee for domain name regulation. Pawlo is the Swedish editor of the Nordic Intellectual Property Law Review, NIR. Pawlo is a passionate skier and hosts secret dreams of working in the French Alps as a ski instructor.

Humanity has the stars in its future, and that future is too important to be lost under the burden of juvenile folly and ignorant superstition. - Isaac Asimov

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