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Dom Perignon as a reward for Spammers
posted by scubacuda on Wednesday November 10, @10:32AM
from the dept.
Criminal Law thebaron writes "Spamming can be big money. Jeremy Jaynes stated in court that his net worth is about $24 million. Spam trackers estimate that others have made even more.

McGuire, the Virginia prosecutor, said the Raleigh home Jaynes used as a spamming command center was littered with bottles of Dom Perignon champagne, which costs upwards of $100 a bottle.

ECommerce Times reports the case, but points out that it can simply be transferred off-shore. Hey, maybe they should run a college course for it..."

Wired Interview with Beastie Boys | Yahoo!'s Domain Keys Fight Spam  >


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    spammers and the other spammers (Score:1)
    by hahaha2005 on Saturday January 15, @11:11AM (#1663)
    User #1167 Info | http://theologyofthebody.net/

    There are spammers (no return address) and then there are spammers (hired direct marketing)

    The former are downright vexing but easier to deter. The latter, amsresponse.com for example, profit from the vast population of morons. Which is worse? With the latter the upside is call-in campaigns can be organized to harass them into going away.

    In any case there are plenty of great antispam tools like

    http://www.hlembke.de/prod/disruptor/ ........ http://theologyofthebody.net

    Humanity has the stars in its future, and that future is too important to be lost under the burden of juvenile folly and ignorant superstition. - Isaac Asimov

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