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Illegal hyperlinks in .kids.us web sites?
posted by scubacuda on Sunday January 11, @04:24PM
from the dept.
Censorship Ott writes "In 2002 the United States Senate passed the Dot Kids Implementation and Enforcement Act of 2002 (HR 3833), which established an Internet domain (.kids.us) as a kids-friendly area on the World Wide Web. Hyperlinks that take a user outside of the kids.us domain are prohibited from use in any kids.us domain. Links & Law reports that  two out of six kids.us.-websites seem to have found a way around the restriction. Instead of providing hyperlinks they merely post the URL of other websites (see e.g. Smithsonian). Whether this behaviour is illegal or protected by the First Amendment is an open question. NewStar, Inc. did not comment on the issue. 

Additional Information:  Several other websites also prohibit their users from posting hyperlinks, especially dating and auction sites. eBay.de e.g. prohibits links to websites outside the ebay-Domain. Their terms of use expressly state that URL adresses count as links.

Here you can find more information regarding the kids.us content policy, takedown procedures, content removal challenge policy, and terms of use.

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    more to come (Score:1)
    by scubacuda (reversethis-{moc.emani} {ta} {aducabucs}) on Sunday January 11, @06:55PM (#1436)
    User #483 Info | http://www.greplaw.org/
    Text URLs are just the beginning.

    Soon people will be hiding URLs in the texts and using regular language to explain where to go ("Google for x, then hit the 'I'm feelin' lucky' button")

    There are a thousand forms of subversion, but few can equal the convenience and immediacy of a cream pie. Noel Godin

    Violations of no-external-link rules (Score:2)
    by edelman on Monday January 12, @03:15PM (#1438)
    User #4 Info | http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/edelman.html
    I agree that there are plenty of ways to circumvent the no-external-link rules.

    Of course, another possible approach is just to include such links, the rules notwithstanding. I found external links on firstgov.kids.us and space.kids.us and submitted reports to that effect on October 14 and November 9, 2003, respectively. But, to Neustar's credit, the problems were resolved promptly, in 24 hours as I recall.

    Humanity has the stars in its future, and that future is too important to be lost under the burden of juvenile folly and ignorant superstition. - Isaac Asimov

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