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Virus Making Now a Hate Crime
posted by scubacuda on Sunday August 31, @10:28AM
from the it's-a(n)-(old)-joke,-ppl dept.
News According to Satirewire, the recent virus attacks have prompted 41 U.S. states and six European countries to announce that the act of creating an attachment-based computer virus will now be considered a hate crime because it intentionally targets stupid people. "In a hate crime, the offender is motivated by the victim's personal characteristics, and in the case of email viruses, the maker is clearly singling out those who open email attachments when they've been told a thousand times not to," said California Attorney General Bill Lockyer. "Like any other segment of the population, people of stupidity need protection from bias." The decision, however, is already causing a firestorm of controversy. Says Nadine Strossen, "Hate crime statutes are specifically designed to protect minority groups. I'm not sure the number of stupid computer users meets that criterion."

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    It is an outdated new (Score:0)
    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday August 31, @12:39PM (#1104)
    In August 2002 they wrote:
    "SatireWire's founder and sole employee, Andrew Marlatt, announced that as of today, the site will no longer be updated."
    This is the bye-bye note [satirewire.com]
    Sorry :( (Score:0)
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday September 01, @03:15AM (#1108)
    from the it's-a(n)-(old)-joke,-ppl dept.

    I did not read that...

    Humanity has the stars in its future, and that future is too important to be lost under the burden of juvenile folly and ignorant superstition. - Isaac Asimov

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