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DirecTV's Scorched-Earth Anti-Piracy Crusade
posted by scubacuda on Sunday June 22, @11:11PM
from the gotta-break-a-few-eggs dept.
Civil Liberties STL Today: The thousands of piracy cases DirecTV has filed have stirred fierce objections. "We are attacking up and down the entire food chain of the pirate community, from the demand side to the supply side," said Robert Mercer, a company spokesman. "We really have to adopt a take-no-prisoners kind of attitude on this activity. They are stealing."

Equipment marketed for stealing satellite signals can be used for other, legal purposes, says EFF lawyer Fred von Lohmann. Larry Rissler, who heads the investigation as chief of its signal integrity unit, said the company has acted cautiously. "We feel very confident that the letters we're sending out target individuals who stole our programming," he insisted.

Illegal Corporate Art | Free Speech, Inc  >


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