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Aimee Deep on Madster and Copyright
posted by mpawlo on Saturday May 31, @01:56AM
from the freedom-fighters dept.
News Madeleine Aimee Deep blogs the business of free music at Musicpundit, hosts strong views on copyright and thinks that the artists should have control over their own careers and own art. Still, she is known to most as the cover girl of Madster (formerly known as Aimster). Madster is the file-trading software providing a venue for trading files over instant-messaging networks through so-called 'buddy groups'. Aimee Deep has been involved with the Madster and Aimster business together with her father Johnny Deep for several years. Greplaw has picked Aimee Deep's brain.

# Who is Aimee Deep?

I'm 18 and a Senior at Cohoes Public High School in Cohoes, New York. When I graduate, I hope to start a publishing company so that I can - yes, you heard right - make money from selling copyrighted art. And of course, I hope to fall in love. Any takers?

I'm looking for Mr. (copy)Right.

# What happened to Madeleine?

Madeline Aimee Deep -- I was 15 when Aimster first came out. I may look different, but I still feel the same on the inside.

# What is the Madster / Aimster law suit really about?

Personally, for me, it's about who controls the Internet - international conglomerates with money and power, or the rest of us with creativity and innovation -- and strong privacy.

# The oral arguments are due June 4th, why should Greplaw readers go to Chicago to attend?

To get a kiss from me? And to see and hear a little piece of history in the making. The Seventh Circuit is quite wonderful - Judges Posner, Easterbrook, Flaum, Evans, the whole bench really, Ripple, Rovner, Mannion - and of course, Diane Wood. You go, girl. These are stars whose fame lasts more than 15 minutes.

# How has the proceedings affected the development of Madster?

I think I'm better for it. I've learned a lot about the law, and how the world works. And I've learned from my Dad that you never give up.

# How has the proceedings affected you personally?

Oh sorry, I thought you already asked that question. It is all about me, you know.

# Right. When the EFF filed an amicus brief, you bursted out 'coolest thing ever!' What is so great about this and why?

Uh, it's the EFF, for God's sake! They're only like the greatest, coolest civil liberties group on the whole planet. Have you sent your check to them lately?

# If a Greplaw reader wants to support you and your father's cause - what should he or she do?

Donate to the EFF. Take me shopping. Speak up, stand up for your rights.

# I find Aimster interesting since it at the time piggy-backs on Instant Messaging services in ways its creators did not think of or intend and makes file-sharing very easy to "ordinary people" (non-geeks) in ways the music business did not care much for, thus combining two worlds into something new and exciting. That much said, do you think there is a moral issue in respect of the piggy-backing or the file-sharing?

There is always a moral issue in every decision I make. But I try - very hard - to make the least worst choice in an imperfect world.

# What do you want to achieve with Musicpundit?

I want to give a voice to artists. I want artists to know that they don't have to sell their souls to Big Media, that a better day is coming. Artist unbound.

# In your blog Musicpundit you give me the impression that you are not entirely satisfied with the current copyright regime. What kind of changes in current copyright law would you like to see?

I don't want any changes to copyright law. I only fear an encroaching interpretation of copyright law that the framers never intended. I want the protections of copyright law to apply to all of us equally, not just to a few.

# You were not too impressed with Madonna's tactics (flooding peer-to-peer networks with fake MP3s) when releasing her new album American Life. You gave a formula for music sales:
'More file-sharing equals more sales Less file-sharing equals less sales. Oh, and insulting your fans with obscenities? That's just really bad business.'
Do you really know that this is true? Should Madonna have released the entire album as free MP3- and Ogg Vorbis-files at her homepage to obtain revenues?

Yes, unequivocally, Madonna should have released much if not all of her album for free. Like Radiohead just did. The formula can't be more simple or more obvious. More filesharing equals more sales. Artist unbound.

And insulting your fans? Come on, that's just arrogant and self-destructive. I've loved Madonna since I was about 6 years old, but hey, she deserves what she got.

# What kind of other tactics do you think Madonna should use in the future to boost revenues and to avoid insulting her fans?

Just look at what's already working for indie labels - some of the indie labels are having great results, as are some indie studios. Indies have never done this good. Merchandising. collateral products, cross-promotion. guerilla marketing. BUT DON'T WASTE MILLIONS ON MARKETING STUPID. (Not you, personally, Mr. Greplaw editor. You could use a little more marketing. Greplaw on MTV.)

# Greplaw on MTV...that would really be someth... Uh, well, I get the impression that you want to improve conditions for artists. How is Madster helping artists?

We had the coolest service ever for promoting new artists -- a buddy recommendation service that was amazingly good at spotting new artists and new art, months before Big Media had a clue. Of course, it's shut down now by, guess who, Big Media. But we'll be back. Stay tuned.

# How can the situation for artists otherwise be improved?

Hey, the situation for artists has been very bleak for the last 50 years, dominated by international conglomerates run by soul-less gangsters. It's getting radically better now, because artists can finally have control over their own careers and their own art. The golden age for artists has just begun. Artist unbound.

# You have quoted Professor Lawrence Lessig at Musicpundit. Professor Lessig is a huge pessimist when it comes to the future of copyright and the Internet in terms of freedom for the public and a creative commons. If Professor Lessig was a character in Winnie the Pooh it would definitely be Eeyore. Do you share his dark view of the future?

I love the guy, what can I tell you. I get a little giddy around copyright guys in general .... Ok, I'm losing my composure ... Next question!

# And finally - I am sure you get a lot of attention from geeks and others for your looks, but who is really the best looking geeks-laws-and-everything-in-between-guy?

Oh, that would be you, cool geek greplaw editor hero.

# Now I am blushing.

Love you all. I am most grateful. Artist unbound.

Hope to see you in Chicago on June 4!

Aimee Deep was interviewed by Mikael Pawlo.

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    First p0st (Score:0)
    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 31, @09:42PM (#694)
    Yeah... Wait, it's not Slashdot. Aww, who cares?
    [ Parent ]
    I feel bad for her (Score:0)
    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 31, @09:55PM (#695)
    Shes was 15 when her asshole father decided to turn her into a slut to get publicity for his gay AIM file sharing addon. I didn't think it was that bad at the time because I thought she was 18+, but now i find out she was only 15 , how fucked up. someone arrest that sick fucker. And not bashing her personally but, this interview sucked because she isn't really the right person to be talking about copyright. Shes just the model for the product, and her comments about EFF seem immature.. But its not her fault, shes only 18, and she lost out on her last teen years being a whore. I feel bad for her (and this will invalidate my above statements, but oh well: i'd hit it. aimee, will you marry me? Im mr right!)
    [ Parent ]
    Nonsense (Score:1)
    by A Proud American on Saturday May 31, @10:33PM (#698)
    User #684 Info
    Madeleine Aimee Deep blogs the business of free music at Musicpundit, hosts strong views on copyright and thinks that the artists should have control over their own careers and own art.
    Yeah, sure, music artists should be able to dictate their own careers and have control over their music, but that's usually impossible. Why?

    Well, these artists typically start off with nothing and are nobodies until a rich corporation comes along and expresses an interest in a "synergistic" business alignment between the artist and the company in which both will benefit.

    Therefore, artists are normally part of signed contracts which explicitly state that they do not have control of their music, of their merchandising, etc. A contract is a contract, and gaining riches from rags does not automatically nullify any contracts that were signed in order for such a success to take place.

    I side with the record companies.
    [ Parent ]
    asdf (Score:0)
    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 31, @10:42PM (#699)
    when aimster was free, it used to be quite awesome. the selection on music was huge, and even comparable to audiogalaxy. now it seems like they have gone downhill. i mean, look at the web site.
    [ Parent ]
    • Re:asdf by Anonymous Coward Sunday June 01, @10:49AM
    View from the other side (Score:0)
    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 01, @01:44AM (#705)
    Check this page, its a rant of former Aimster employer:
    It will sure turn your view of whole thing upside down...
    [ Parent ]
    I'd hit it! (Score:0)
    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 01, @11:55PM (#716)
    [ Parent ]

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