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Date Set For Jon Johansen DVD Trial
posted by mpawlo on Tuesday August 06, @08:39AM
from the your-code-is-mine dept.
Copyright The Norweigan "Byrett" (district court) will try the Jon Johansen DVD case on December 9, 2002. The trial was supposed to take place this summer, but the court decided to postpone the trial to find a technology savvy judge. The case will be tried by one judge and a panel of two lay assessors.

Jon Johansen is being prosecuted by the Norwegian Economic Crime Unit (OKOKRIM) under Norwegian Criminal Code 145(2). Johansen created DeCSS software that can enable DVD playback on Linux. It is argued that the DeCSS software is a piracy tool.

EFF information on the Jon Johansen case.

Read the indictement (in Norweigan).

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    DeCSS was THREE people, decrypt is anonymous (Score:1)
    by Seth Finkelstein (reversethis-{moc.fhtes} {ta} {fhtes}) on Tuesday August 06, @09:52AM (#188)
    User #31 Info | http://sethf.com/
    As Jon Johansen put it himself in an old interview:

    http://www.linuxworld.com/linuxworld/lw-2000-01/lw -01-dvd-interview.html [linuxworld.com]

    Jon Johansen: I'm 16 now, I was 15 when it happened ... and the encryption code wasn't in fact written by me, but written by the German member. There seems to be a bit of confusion about that part.

    LinuxWorld: The other two people that you had worked with to make the player are remaining anonymous -- is that right?

    Jon Johansen: Yes, that is correct.


    LinuxWorld: Do you know why they want to remain anonymous?

    Jon Johansen: They are both a lot older than me, and they are employed. So I guess they just didn't want the publicity, and they were perhaps afraid of getting fired.

    No offense, but I feel for the German programmer.

    - Seth Finkelstein [sethf.com]

    Norweigan coverage (Score:2)
    by mpawlo on Tuesday August 06, @05:51PM (#191)
    User #42 Info | http://www.pawlo.com/
    I just discovered Digi.no's coverage [www.digi.no] of this case. It currently doesn't say much more than my story above, but knowing the high quality of Digi.no's reporting I am sure the journalists would most probably update the story during the week. I'll keep you posted of any news in this regard. Scandivians should - of course - check Digi.no.
    More for Scandinavian (Score:2)
    by mpawlo on Tuesday August 06, @06:44PM (#192)
    User #42 Info | http://www.pawlo.com/
    Discussion on the case [gnuheter.com] over at Swedish Gnuheter. Some are thinking about arranging a protest in connection with the trial, but Scandinavian courts are very rarely impressed by such activities.
    DeCSS history link (Score:1)
    by Seth Finkelstein (reversethis-{moc.fhtes} {ta} {fhtes}) on Tuesday August 06, @09:22PM (#193)
    User #31 Info | http://sethf.com/
    Good history: http://www.free-dvd.org.lu/css-chain-of-events.txt [free-dvd.org.lu]

    - Seth Finkelstein [sethf.com]

    Defense Fund (Score:0)
    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 07, @08:27AM (#194)
    EFF is hosting a Jon Johansen Legal Defense Fund [eff.org]

    Humanity has the stars in its future, and that future is too important to be lost under the burden of juvenile folly and ignorant superstition. - Isaac Asimov

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