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ADR in Italy
posted by mpawlo on Tuesday August 06, @06:03AM
from the out-of-court-settlements dept.
Internet Governance [UPDATED, NEW LINK PROVIDED] As reported by the Legal Infosoc News Kiosk ("Link") the Italian Communications Authority has adopted an alternative dispute resolution procedure for disputes arising between users and telecommunications operators. All sector specific disputes must be preliminarily filed before the Italian Communications Authority, and may only in case of failure to settle the dispute be submitted to a court of law. There is some forum shopping possibilities, since the claim may be submitted to the local Chamber of Commerce or arbitration center.

According to the Link report, the new 'Regulation appears to be an important tool in the protection of end users rights and in the prevention of abuses by telecommunications operators.'

More information on the new procedure (in Italian). UPDATE: The link provided before was incorrect. Thanks to Nicola Lucchi (ILAW 2001 alumni).

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