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Allowing the MPAA to hack your PC
posted by filter_editor on Thursday July 25, @11:06AM
from the hack-in-the-name-of-copyright dept.
Digital Entertainment Wrighter the Pessimist writes "ZDNet is reporting more on a bill that would give the MPAA, RIAA, and other ominous acronyms the ability to "hack" an individual's PC with impunity. The bill would grant immunity to MPAA and others from lawsuits arising from hacking PCs of people whom they have a "reasonable basis" to believe are pirating their copyrighted works. The bill does not define what types of technological warfare is allowed, but it does warn them not to delete files. This AP story was reported earlier, relating to the MPAA's attempts to foil piracy by uploading bogus files to peer-to-peer networks. That article mentions that such practices might be illegal. If that is illegal, what about the MPAA DoSing a pc? Seems mighty suspect to me."

Edelman v. N2H2, Inc. - Requesting Declaratory Judgment | Orin Kerr Opens Cybercrime Mailinglist  >


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    Text of Bill (Score:1)
    by bwtaylor on Thursday July 25, @02:34PM (#125)
    User #184 Info
    The text of the bill [politechbot.com] as introduced, posted (in pdf format) on Declan McCullagh's site.

    I was very disappointed to learn that Lamar Smith (R-TX), who is my representative, is one of the sponsors of the bill. I wrote him and told him he just lost my vote.
    Due Process (Score:1)
    by Kolya ({kmcrober} {at} {law.harvard.edu}) on Thursday July 25, @04:24PM (#127)
    User #20 Info
    If the DOJ is signing off on MPAA DOS attacks, then shouldn't some form of due process be observed?
    I call this the "anal probe" bill (Score:0)
    by Anonymous Coward on Friday July 26, @10:49AM (#128)
    the Content Cartel want access to everything, on their terms. Why assume they'll stop before insisting on the right to body cavity searches?
    Entrapment? (Score:2)
    by CopyGuru on Monday July 29, @11:01PM (#133)
    User #29 Info | http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/people/emerick.html
    This all seems very fishy to me. So, the RIAA can search my hardrive to look for supposedly pirated works? What if I just decided to name a file "Fat Boy Slim Remix," when, really, it was just me talking to myself online? Do the RIAA and other organizations really have the time to pay their employees to do such time consuming work that, to me, seems quite illegal? And, finally, isn't it some form of entrapment if an MPAA employee were to contact me and ask me if I have a copy of Alice in Wonderland and, if so, could I forward them a copy?

    Very fishy.

    Re:Entrapment - Trespass (Score:1)
    by nosher on Thursday August 01, @06:52AM (#151)
    User #322 Info
    Is not the possible action of the MPAA/RIAA (or any of its cronies), in invading my PC with a view to parsing its contents supposedly looking for some of "their" content, tantamount to trespass (one of the oldest precedents in law) against my and/or my property (i.e. my PC) - as this invasion will have been done without my express consent and without invitation. I would have thought in that case that disguising a dummy file as some copyrighted content and having the RIAA "remove" that which they patently do not own from my PC would be actionable, or would that also count as "entrapment"?
    Re:Entrapment - Trespass (Score:1)
    by nategall on Thursday August 01, @10:08AM (#158)
    User #326 Info | http://grep.law.harvard.edu/

    an interesting bit on my cable modem. The way the law is written, the cable company has the legal right to access and inspect all equipment which is connect to their network. They already have this right.

    BUT, i think that the new law allows anyone who have copyrights to inspect suspected systems for their works. EVERYONE. any idiot who published something on the web has the right to check other peoples machines for their works. So, I am offically copyrighting this poorly written rambling and I will be searching your hard drive to see if you have ripped me off.

    also, http://www.theregus.com had some cool articles Congress to turn hacks into hackers [theregus.com]

    "How cool is that? When Berman's bill is passed I'll be allowed to break in to the pass-protected members' sections of Web sites and root people's corporate networks and home boxes whenever I have a 'reasonable suspicion' that The Register's copyrighted works might be getting passed around without permission."

    and also this gem Valenti backs away from P2P hack bill [theregus.com]
    It means that anyone with a copyright will be allowed to hack the daylights out of anyone, including MPAA Headquarters, so long as they have a 'reasonable suspicion' of infringement and notify the DoJ of their intent at least seven days before commencing the attack.

    I have a feeling that we are screwed.

    nategall says "blah!"
    What about outside the USA? (Score:1)
    by Herring on Thursday August 01, @03:13AM (#143)
    User #312 Info
    As a British citizen, I don't believe I am subject to such laws, or are they going to steamroller over peoples' rights because they can afford more lawyers than us? *Boggle*

    Humanity has the stars in its future, and that future is too important to be lost under the burden of juvenile folly and ignorant superstition. - Isaac Asimov

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