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Cerf, Farber Peer Into Crystal Ball
posted by filter_editor on Wednesday March 20, @10:46AM
from the where-wizards-talk-turkey dept.
Internet Governance The University of Pennsylvania is presenting a webcast discussion between Internet pioneers Vint Cerf and Dave Farber on "The Internet Tidal Wave... is it Inevitable?" The discussion, which takes place tomorrow, should be all the more interesting given the fact that Farber recently called for an end to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), while Cerf, as chairman, publicly defended the domain name organization in the wake of Karl Auerbach's lawsuit (see earlier SharkWire post).

Check out details for tuning in here; live questions will be taken.

Accused eBay Hacker Fumbles in Court | CIA Tracking Website Users With Banned Cookies  >


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    interesting to see ? (Score:1)
    by SanjeevGoyal on Thursday May 09, @01:57PM (#62)
    User #115 Info | http://www.mitsuonline.com/
    I have few questions for Cerf ? where to submit it.

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