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DeCSS indictment in English
posted by macgill on Tuesday August 13, @01:42PM
from the translations-as-news dept.
Criminal Law Anonymous Coward provides an english translation of the Johansen indictment (see below) and writes:"[NOW GET THIS!!!]The access was illicit because the DVD movies were sold with the prerequisition that the DVD user should use authorised playing equipment and respect the copy protection.The aquisition of the movies in unprotected form has caused damage because the rights holders no longer have protection against illicit spreading of the movies. General concerns demand prosecution."


Make known that:
JOHANSEN, Jon Lech, born
is charged in Oslo byrett for breaking the: Straffeloven § 145 second referring to the third and fourth section By having broken a protection or in similar way illicitly gained access to data that is stored or that's transferred by electronic or other technical means and by having caused damage by aquisition or use of such illicit knowledge or having contributed to this.

The cause [for the indictment] are the following circumstances or contribution to these [them]
In the period september 1999-17th january 2000, via the Internet from residence in Lærdal, Jon Lech Johansen took part in the breaking of the technical protection system Content Scrambling System ("CSS"), licenced by DVD Copy Control Association Inc, to protect DVD movies produced by Movie Pictires Association against copying. A DVD movie is a movie that's stored electrolically on a DVD disc. Based on knowledge of secret player keys incorporated in CSS Jon Lech Johansen made the Windows program DeCSS. Using DeCSS an unprotected copy of the DVD movie is produced. John Lech Johansen used DeCSS on his own DVD movies, and he spread DeCSS via the Internet both in October 1999 and January 17th 2000. In doing so John Lech Johansen broke the copy protection on the DVD movies and gained access for himself and others to the data on the DVD discs in unprotected form.

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